Against The Grain storefront

The Against The Grain Studio storefront

Artwork by Jennifer Kapnek


If you have any questions about our custom woodwork please contact us. Leave us with proper details about your project and we will respond to your query within 2 days. Your business is much appreciated, and your vote is very valuable. We look forward to every opportunity to create our craft, and our customers truly make the difference. Thanks in advance, and have a Wonderful Day!

Contact Us

Contact Us

Against The Grain Studio
The Gallery of Reincarnated Wood

Local Fine Art and Furniture, Handmade using Recycled Wood.
Open to the public by appointment.

7401 N. Albina Ave. Portland, Oregon 97217
Jennifer Kapnek: Visual Artist
Malachi Milbourn: Furniture Maker

Our studio is a collaborative partnership with our talented friend and fine art painter, Jennifer Kapnek. Jennifer is a local artist who creates original paintings from recycled wood. Her great perspective and vibrant use of color are on display and a compliment to our furniture. All of her displayed work is for sale and she is consistently showing along side with us at the First Thursday and Last Thursday street galleries.

We prefer to meet our clients at the studio to discuss the needs of your space. Most of our work is custom made for each individual project. We have base pricing for most of the work that we do, and we are able to give you a thoughtful quote based on your details and specifications. Some fine examples of our woodwork is available to see and touch in person. Here we can begin the process and assess your preferences so we can create your custom order. Commissioned projects only please.

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