Around the table

In cultures worldwide, families traditionally share quality time over the dinner table. We strengthen relationships by celebrating harvests, holidays, or daily meals with our friends and loved ones.

Our local economy

‘Farm to Table’ was not a far-fetched concept that long ago. These days, buying local is a gateway to creating a sustainable economy. We revert back to the days when all fresh foods and hand-crafted products came from local farmers and artisans. The feasts we shared at our tables came primarily from our region and the tables we built from our local materials.

Reincarnated Wood Tables

Reincarnated Wood Tables

Design Options

Customarily, Against the Grain table tops are hand sanded, leaving the patina, texture, and seasoned characteristics of the planks exposed.

For a more contemporary look we can have your table planed and polished to perfection. This can reveal beautiful colors and grain patterns beneath its weathered surface by giving it a clean shave.

  • Table top: you can choose size of the table top.
  • Table base: you can choose square or tapered legs.
  • Legs and aprons: can be left their natural color or painted.

For a complete set, I provide custom seating to accompany my tables.